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Regarding the Images
Contained in This Section.


This section of World War II Stories -- In Their Own Words displays a collection of war in the Pacific images. We welcome additional battle images from contributors. (Each contributed image will be given credit to the contributor.)

The images thus far collected were loaned to us by the son (a former Vietnam Marine veteran), who obtained the following images from his Father. He was an Army Intelligence officer who took part in some of the major Pacific campaigns including Iwo Jima and Okinawa among others. The images were from a private collection.

The following images (as well as the one pictured above) are as of yet unidentified. Some were originally thought to have been taken on Iwo Jima. It has been brought to our attention that the majority of the images depicted on these pages were indeed NOT from Iwo Jima, but from other Pacific island hopping campaigns including: Guam, island of Betio, at the Battle of Tarawa and Roi-Namur.

At present, we are attempting to identify the images and correctly caption them in the hopes of establishing the accuracy of the images.

The images depicted on the following four pages are scanned from originals measuring 4 x 5 inch in size, all yellowed with age and curled from not being placed in an album. All images are in excellent condition otherwise. Some have begun to fade with age.

The original set of images consisted of about 45 images with subject matter ranging from images of knocked out tanks, bunkers, dead Japanese and American soldiers as well as images of island natives among other subject matter.

None of the images were identified. The contributor tells us that the images were given him by his Father (who is very ill) and when he received them, that they were not identified and because of his Father's condition, he could no longer identify them accurately.


We, at the World War II Stories -- In Their Own Words web site make no claims as to the exact materials displayed in these images. The images were loaned to us to use without any detailed explanation or claims.

This series of pages illustrate some eighteen or so images from a private collection of approximately 45 photographs taken during the island hopping campaign of the Pacific.


Thank you for viewing our collection of photographs.

Joe Richard
World War II Stories -- In Their Own Words


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The contributor of these images is uncertain as to exact nature (location, circumstances, etc) of each details were written on the images, captions, dates, etc. Should anyone have additional information on specific images, your comments would be most welcomed!

CAUTION! Some of the images depicted in the pages below are graphic intensive and may not be suitable for all viewers. We make no claims to authenticity of the following images.

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